Budgeting Tool

*The budgeting tool is for informational purposes only and not to be used/construed as an estimate for services rendered. 

For Planning/Budgeting purposes we have prepared this table to help you develop a starting-point budget for your renovation. Although no two projects are alike, below you will find a range of our recent costs for "most" of the components of a renovation as they pertain to kitchens. 

No project falls directly in column a, b, c, or d but instead most clients will prioritize how they want to spend their investment on each component. You may choose to keep the existing hardwood floors, but want to upgrade to that large gas range and matching industrial hood vent. Or you may decided you want to upgrade all of your fixtures but your 2 year old refrigerator and dishwasher work just fine.   We suggest printing out a copy of the chart  and working down this table prior to filling out our contact card. You can choose where you expect your spend to fall in each of the categories, and in doing so you can get a general idea about the overall potential project cost.